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Mercury presents Mental Health First Aid Training

Mercury presents Mental Health First Aid Training

Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  16th Apr, 2019  /  Environmental, Health & Safety

Mercury recently completed Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training in collaboration with Mental Health First Aid Ireland.

The course was delivered brilliantly and the interactions between the attendees and facilitator were open, honest and insightful. All attendees that completed the course agreed that they were now better informed and educated in how to assist any of their colleagues who may require first aid assistance. The training was both practical and highly impactful.

Michael O’Connor, Group QEHS Manager at Mercury stated, “The ALGEE approach is extremely helpful and the practical exercises carried out helped reinforce the success of this approach. Mercury have now completed MHFA training in three countries and will continue to develop MH First Aiders as part of our commitment to our teams across the group. This programme has been carried out in conjunction with our overarching group wellness plan which include company-wide access to a top-range wellbeing mobile app as well as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) supports across Europe. On behalf of Mercury, I’d like to thank all our mental health first aiders across the group who volunteered and are present to approach, be approached, listen and support our team”.

Mental health first aid is the help offered to a person who is experiencing or developing a mental health problem or crisis until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves. It follows the model that has been successful with conventional first aid. Developed first in Australia, Mental Health First Aid is now internationally recognised in over 23 countries with over 1 million people worldwide trained in Mental Health First Aid skills worldwide.

For more information on Mental Health First Aid Ireland, click here »

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