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Lift and Shift Workshop
Mercury hosts Lift and Shift workshop
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  28th Feb, 2019  /  Environmental, Health & Safety

On Wednesday, 27 February 2019, Mercury Engineering completed a dedicated ‘Lift and Shift’ workshop in The Netherlands.

Its focus was to reaffirm the expectations published in our Mercury electrical panel safe rigging guidance. This document was formed after multiple non-Mercury alerts were received from across the globe. Our workgroup is committed to finding the real root cause of all such incidents and finding a solution to prevent any occurring in the future. This guidance document aims to eliminate multiple unnecessary hazards related to this type of high-risk activity in the global construction industry.

The electrical panel safety guidance received an overwhelmingly positive response, and all agreed that it benefits the safety of all personnel. The workshop also included a discussion on the modularisation and skidding of multiple pieces of equipment and the Mercury expectations for the same from design, SWL, delivery, loading, unloading and safe rigging perspectives.

The guidance highlights the elimination of hazards from design, load information requirements, stability of loads and the transportation and securing of loads to our projects. All present agreed that the safety of Mercury personnel can be greatly enhanced by the cooperation and buy in of its supply chain, manufacturers and suppliers.

The meeting was exceptionally well attended, and the feedback and Q&A sessions with the presentation team of Michael O Connor, Group QEHS manager; Bill Dixon, Project EHS manager; and Wayne Lawson, Project AP / Rigging supervisor, was excellent. Attending contractors were E&I Engineering; Saiver SRL; Dornan, Siemens, Schneider, Anord Mardix, MTU Benelux and Silent Aire Europe SAE.

Our QEHS Standards

Mercury rigorously implement its QEHS policies and procedures to ensure industry leading project delivery and most importantly, the safety and wellbeing of all its employees. To read more about Mercury’s commitment to safety standards, click here.


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