“For over 40 years, Mercury Fire Protection has been a world leader in the field of Fire Sprinkler Systems & Fire Protection Services. We’re the largest Fire Protection Company in Ireland and are the only Irish company to be certified to LPS 1048 Level 4 for Sprinkler Systems, LPS 1014 for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems and LPS 1204 for Gas Extinguishing Systems.
Mercury offers a fully certified and approved turnkey service, taking all forms fire protection systems projects from planning through design, installation and commissioning to final hand-over.”

Design Capability

“Our in-house technical experts work with specialist software to develop fully integrated and coordinated 3D designs using the latest modelling and BIM techniques based on internationally accepted standards.
Mercury Fire protection can carry out design to many different design codes including LPC, EN12845, FM Global, N.F.P.A, VDS and CEA 4001 Our LPS 1048 Level 4 Sprinkler Certification allows us to self-certify all our designs and installations without third party attendance.”


  • Water-based fire & sprinkler systems, hose reel and hydrant sprinkler systems
  • Water-mist, deluge and foam Sprinkler Systems
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Hypoxic / oxygen reduction systems
  • High-risk fire Sprinkler System solutions and special hazards protection


  • International accreditation & ISO9001 certification
  • LPS 1048 Level 4 certification for Sprinkler Systems
  • LPS 1204 certification for gas suppression systems
  • LPS1014 certification for fire alarm systems

John Littlefield