“The Mercury team have put together the first in a series of videos showing the initial works on the AMS15 – De President project in the Netherlands which can viewed above.”

 Innovation in Mercury Engineering

In Mercury we drive innovation across all our activities to lay the foundation for our future competitive advantage and deliver value for our customers. Our culture of innovation has grown from the many complex and challenging projects we work on, the many different countries and regions we have worked in and the diverse range of people and clients we have partnered with.

Innovation in our design


  • Mercury champions a culture of “Get it right first time” for design
  • Collaborative design sessions
  • 3D modelling
  • BIM

Innovation in our delivery

2. Innovation in our delivery_1

  • Mercury’s core strength is its world class project delivery
  • Off site manufacturing facility
  • Multidisciplinary modularisation
  • LEAN construction culture
  • Field technology for fabrication, installation, snagging and O&M plans

Innovation in our supporting services

3. Innovation in our supporting services

  • Mercury takes pride in being a best practice leader in our sector.
  • ERP based supply chain management
  • SAP construction cost management
  • CPD for staff

Emerging trends in global construction

4. Emerging trends in global construction
Mercury continuously scans the horizon to find innovations faster by:

  • Consultation with regional centres
  • Engagement with international industry networks
  • Participation in construction best practice groups