Who We Are

Mercury Engineering, founded in 1972, continues to operate as an entrepreneurial Engineering Contractor with three guiding principles, Safety, Quality & Delivery. This has been the cornerstone to being the most successful multi-disciplinary engineering contractor in every sector and geographical area in which we operate.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Mercury delivers complex engineering projects across sectors where we have a proven pedigree of delivery. Our focus is to work in sectors that enhance development in technology, wellbeing and the built environment.

Mercury’s greatest asset is the people it employs and it is our promise to continue to invest in the development of our current and next generation. Our overriding goal is to ensure we provide a safe working environment for all our people, irrespective of their task.  We will continue to invest and work with clients who share our philosophy on the safety of our people, and together we will create the best working environment possible.  Furthermore, we will promote the ownership of our values at all levels of our organisation.

The objective of first class delivery is that we have experts in each sector in which we work; it is with that in mind we have developed our Centralised approach.  Geographically, Europe is our primary area of operation and to further support our strategy, we have also successfully developed our Global Deployment model. To effectively manage and support our projects, we have established strong and longstanding relationships with our local and international supply chain partners and suppliers. The strength and depth of our expansive supply chain has enabled us to consistently deliver complex engineering solutions for our clients in a safe and timely manner.

Our Group Strategy, titled “Mercury 2021”, was developed to pave a clear pathway for the company to accomplish its set goals and targets. The document illustrates the steps we have set out to achieve measured growth and continued operational success over the next five years and beyond.

We have always understood the importance of a corporate social responsibility. Our strategy is not only enabled through our commitment to excellence and high quality performance but also by our passion for servicing, enhancing and sustaining the communities and external environment in which we operate in.

Throughout our history, we have provided our clients with an efficient and effective service that ensures timely construction completion and the long-term performance of their investment. We are proud of our internationally mobile project delivery teams, who have time and time again represented the company in a prestige manner both in the Irish market and abroad. It is their commitment to going above and beyond for our clients that has positioned Mercury as a leading international contractor.

In an ever changing and an increasingly competitive market, it is our commitment to safety, quality and efficient delivery along with the skills and capability of our people, that will enable the organisation to continue delivering an unrivalled service to our clients across all of the sectors and regions in which we operate.

Best Regards,

Eoin Vaughan

Chief Executive Officer