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‘From design to handover we are immersed in the entire process’ – Tim Reid on Mercury’s rise as Europe’s leading colocation service provider

For the last 20 years Mercury has been at the cutting edge of Data Centre delivery across Europe. As Europe’s leading Data Centre provider, Mercury has successfully delivered projects for some of the world’s largest global companies.

Working in such a specialised, fast-paced environment is not for the faint-hearted, something that Tim Reid knows only too well. His journey with Mercury started two years ago as a Project Director. However, his commitment, determination, and ability to deliver to the highest benchmark has certainly reaped rewards for this Armagh native. In this short time, Tim has swiftly climbed up the ranks. He now holds the position of Business Unit Lead for Mercury’s Data Centres & Building Services Division, a role that sees him executing large-scale projects for some of the world’s foremost Data Centre Developers.

“It’s been quite a rollercoaster,” Tim laughs, “But it’s the role I’ve always dreamed of. I’m involved in every aspect of the construction process, not only running the construction projects but also interfacing with clients and stakeholders, managing the teams, and ensuring that the right resources are in the right places at the right time. It’s a very involved role that requires crystal clear communication and precise coordination. A single project could require up to 700 people on site at any given time. The projects are of significant value, some in excess of €620 million of contract works.”

Tim has always had an interest in construction. “My father was a civil engineer, so I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I studied Construction Engineering & Management at Ulster University. I then worked for a large construction firm, based in the UK, dividing my time between projects across the UK and Ireland.”

It was there that Tim got his first taste of wanderlust. “I knew I wanted to do something different. To challenge myself. An opportunity arose to work further afield in either Ghana or Australia. A coin was tossed, and Ghana won!” So, Tim swapped the green fields of Armagh for the Gulf of Guinea where he worked on a myriad of different projects from large-scale residential developments to commercial port and oil service industry projects.

Tim returned to his home shores to raise a family. “This gave me the perfect opportunity to hone my skills on more bespoke projects,” Tim says. “From property development to specialist modular construction and high-end fit outs, I experienced all aspects of the business.” But Tim knew he was destined for bigger things and when an opportunity arose to join the Mercury team in 2021, he didn’t have to think twice.

“What has stood out for me is just how immersed we are in the entire process,” Tim says. “We design, build, plan, construct, and commission, taking the project from initial concept through to the final handover to our client and end user. We are involved right from the start. Early design engagement is so important to the client because it reduces both the risk and the cost. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Our experience and approach have allowed us to cement our position as Europe’s leading providing of colocation data centre services.”

Tim is a man of refreshing candour. Rolling out projects across multiple countries is not without its challenges and a key part of his role is to ensure all communication channels are crystal clear. “You’ve got to be in my environment,” he quips. “Each country you work in has its own unique culture and work environment. There are so many different practices to understand and adopt, from systems to working hours to employment and construction legislation. This adds another layer of responsibility to each project.”

“Honesty really is the best policy. I like to be as open and upfront as possible. This really helps to build client relationships. If they believe you and see that you do what you say, then they trust you.” This attitude is borne out in Mercury’s impressive portfolio of long-term clients.

Time never stands still for Tim. “I love the variety, the travel, the interaction with people. I’m always on the move. Right now, I’m working between Paris and Spain. This week I’ve added Frankfurt to my itinerary!” This makes for a really dynamic work environment, and one that Tim thrives on. “We probably have one of the most diverse multicultural work environments in the industry. There is a mix of people from all over the world. This makes my job massively rich and rewarding.”

Exploring new territories is an exciting part of his role, but Tim is also mindful of how lucky he is to have such a supportive family too. “They certainly keep me grounded!” he laughs wryly. “I coach my son’s under-7s team. It’s a great release but they can be just as challenging to manage as a multi-million euro Data Centre project!”

Tim has some sage advice for anyone embarking on their career journey. “Travel really broadens your horizons. Just go for it. Experience different cultures, try out different sectors. Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed too early. Then decide what you really love and plot out a career path to realise your dream.”


Mercury is Europe’s most experienced Enterprise Data Centre service provider. We go beyond to meet the challenges of the ever-growing Enterprise market. Over the last 20 years our highly skilled global teams have successfully delivered data centres for some of the world’s largest data centre companies. Our cutting-edge construction methods mean we consistently deliver highly complex and specialised turnkey services. We design, build, plan, construct and commission data centres using the highest levels of safety, quality and delivery. We then manage the maintenance of facilities post-construction.

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