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Volunteering Days to be provided by Mercury for all staff

Mercury announces it will provide two fully paid volunteering days to all staff

Autor: Evan O'Quigley  /  19th Mai, 2021  /  Nachrichten, Responsible Business

To support our employees’ passion for giving back to the community, Mercury is now providing all staff with two fully paid volunteering days per annum. This is outlined in Mercury’s new volunteering policy, which forms an integral part of the Group’s Responsible Business plan.

Mercury has committed to allocating two fully paid days per annum of each employee’s time for personal or company expertise, advice, or support. We see the inherent value of supporting the community through donating the valuable time of individual team members, during and outside of business hours. We will also provide further support through access to the use of company equipment and resources.

As global citizens, we must remain aware of the wider world and our place in it. We are committed to playing an active role in all our communities, working together to make our planet more equal, prosperous, sustainable and fair.

From fighting poverty & homelessness, to assisting refugees and restoring ancient woodlands, Mercury’s people are passionate about giving back to our communities.  In that regard, Mercury’s Volunteering Policy aims to contribute to the community in four key areas:

• Community Welfare
• Mental Health
• Science and Education
• Environment

We recently asked Mercury’s staff to tell us how they are going to use their two volunteering days for the causes that they care about most. Check out the responses below:

„Over the past number of years, I have taken part in various events and fundraisers for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. This organisation is one that has supported both my grandmothers – in one’s previous battle and the other’s current fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. Volunteers provide vital support needed by these charities to continue to support people and communities around the country“.

Sarah Lawless, Business Graduate

„I want to take opportunities to make positive impacts, whether by using my existing skills or by contributing my manual labour, especially where these opportunities take me outdoors or where I can learn something new“.

Joe O’Neill, Senior Planning Manager

„We are all so lucky to have a roof over our heads and a job to go to everyday, but it can all so easily be taken away. I volunteered with a homeless Soup Kitchen ‘Walking in Their Shoes’ for two years. During this time we provided hot food to the homeless people of Dublin every week. This experience really opened my eyes, not only to the amount of homelessness in Dublin but also how many people have to live on the fringes of society“.

Helen Weafer, Fire Protection Maintenance Manager

„In 2019, as part of the Refugee Resettlement with Offaly Local Development Company, I worked with a young girl and her family who had recently moved from Syria. My role was to provide additional support to the daughter who was starting primary school. I helped her to learn English and assisted with homework. I supported the family by encouraging them to converse in English, assisting them in filling out application forms and helping them comprehend documents and notifications received from the school. I learned a lot about their culture and what they had been through as a family. I was in awe of the parents for all they overcame“.

Aisling Grimes, Learning & Development
Skills Coordinator

„I’m excited about getting a chance to do some hands on work restoring Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands and our original climax ecosystem. The side of a hill is a great place to meet new and interesting people, especially when you’re digging for the same dream“.

Gary Widger, Head of Change

„I have been volunteering with ALONE for almost three years and it’s one of the best things I have ever done. My own grandparents were cared for by family before passing away. What I learned most from spending so much time with them, is that what elderly people enjoy the most, is company and companionship. If you’re able to set aside a couple of hours every week I’d highly recommend looking into doing it, it makes a real positive difference to an elderly person who’s looking for extra social contact“.

Aoife Behan, Executive Assistant / Office Manager

„The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s (the SVP’s) goal is to fight poverty in all forms through providing practical assistance to those in need. I began volunteering with the SVP 10 years ago by organising Mercury’s annual Christmas toy & food appeal and from there I got involved in further volunteering work. Volunteering support can range from helping with rent or utility arrears, school support including communion & confirmations to food supplies and funeral costs“.

Joanne Cluxton, Group HR Manager

„Volunteering is using my skills to help in the community and make a difference to people’s lives. A little bit of my time could make a lifetime of difference for them. Not only do volunteers end up helping people, animals or the environment, they end up learning a whole new skillset, meet new people and open up a world of opportunities“.

Susanne Mueller, Department Administrator, BIM

Our Planet, Our Duty

The volunteering policy forms part of Mercury’s plan for Responsible Business, ‚Our Planet, Our Duty‘.

We believe that we each have a role to play in contributing to the sustainable development of our planet. Our Planet, Our Duty is our promise to help create a more sustainable environment around us. It forms one of the foundation blocks of Beyond50, our five year plan to push further and take Mercury beyond our 50th year in business.

Read Our Planet, Our Duty here.


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