Rules for Setting Your Mercury Password:

It cannot contain your name, surname, or username
It hasn't been used previously
It has to be at least 14 characters in length
It doesn't  include words related to Mercury or its business activities (i.e. name of projects, clients, disciplines, etc)
It is not considered compromised and easy to guess (the system check will check to see if a password is commonly used by hackers)
It meets complexity requirements by complying with any 3 of 4 conditions below:
- Uppercase characters (A through Z),
- Lowercase characters (a through z),
- Digits (0 through 9),
- Nonalphanumeric characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

Here's a bad example: password1234 (cracked within a second)

Here's another bad example: FrankfurtDB8 (after a little research, cracked within seconds)

And a good example: BlueCatBriefcase1! (or better still: Blu3C@TBri3fc@s31!)

How do you come up with a password that meets all these requirements and is still easy to remember?

Well, you can easily do it yourself:
Combine 2 or 3 words appended with a number or special character or use a long phrase that's easy to remember, starting with one upper case and also appended with a number or special character

Easier still you can use our Strong Password Generator:
Simply choose your settings, click "Generate Password" and you'll have a strong and compliant password.

For more advice and information got to:

Or contact: