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Data Centre & Scope of Work


A Data Centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supply, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security devices.

Effective data centre operation requires a balanced investment in both the facility and the housed equipment. The first step is to establish a baseline facility environment suitable for equipment installation. Standardization and modularity can yield savings and efficiencies in the design and construction of telecommunications data centres.

Standardization means integrated building and equipment engineering. Modularity has the benefits of scalability and easier growth, even when planning forecasts are less than optimal. For these reasons, telecommunications data centres should be planned in repetitive building blocks of equipment, and associated power and support (conditioning) equipment when practical. The use of dedicated centralized systems requires more accurate forecasts of future needs to prevent expensive over construction, or perhaps worse — under construction that fails to meet future needs.


  • Phases 4 & 5 of this project consist of circa 3,000m2 of data hall fit out and all associated Electrical, Mechanical & CSA infrastructure including the building of a 2 story energy centre.


  • As part of the phase 4 & 5 program there is a mechanical efficiency upgrade of phase 1 to 3.


  • This upgrade mainly consists of a full replacement of the existing air-cooled chiller system  with a new water cooled system.

Dublin, Ireland


  • 13 months

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Turnkey Construction