Southern General Hospital

This hospital, one of the most advanced medical facilities in the world, will include a 14-floor adult hospital with bed capacity of 1,109 single room accommodation and a 5 storey children’s hospital with a 256 bed capacity. Mercury’s proven capabilities in healthcare construction were emphatically endorsed, in their selection in the preferred bidder consortium, to design and build the largest single NHS hospital build ever undertaken in Scotland.


  • Mechanical – High level ductwork, primary modules, drainage pipe, chilled water
  • Electrical – Distribution Boards/ LV Sub Mains, Secondary Containment
  • Fire Protection – Sprinkler Services


The project is 165,000M2 over 13 floors, the top 8 floors being used as the adults wards, the lower floors have a deep core and cater for the majority of the hospital functions/operations. The main challenge for us was logistical as the site is tight with little area allotted for material lay down and storage. To over come the logistical problem we manufactured as much as was possible off site and held these fabricated elements off site and only delivered these on an agreed schedule with the main contractor. This JIT approached removed on site storage and considerably reduced the double handling of materials around the building; off site manufacture allowed us to get well ahead of the schedule and absorbed slippage in the construction schedule due to factors outside of our control.


The new laboratory building was constructed in modules which were constructed off site. The modules contained, some of the ductwork mains, heating and chilled pipe work, domestic feed and return and main electrical containment routes. Duct work and pipe work was insulated where required.


Project in progress

Govan, Glasgow, Scotland

£176,000m / €200 million

  • 50 months

  • Multidisciplinary