Rondo 1

Rondo 1 Project & Scope of Work


Mercury Engineering have worked on many office & commercial projects in the past. We are very proud of the Rondo 1 skyscraper in Warsaw, Poland.

The main purpose of an office environment is to support its occupants in performing their job. Work spaces in an office are typically used for conventional office activities such as reading, writing and computer work. There are nine generic types of work space, each supporting different activities. In addition to individual cubicles, there are also meeting rooms, lounges, and spaces for support activities, such as photocopying and filing. Some offices also have a kitchen area where workers can make their lunches. There are many different ways of arranging the space in an office and whilst these vary according to function, managerial fashions and the culture of specific companies can be even more important.

While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building, some modern requirements for offices make this more difficult, such as requirements for light, networking, and security. The primary purpose of an office building is to provide a workplace and working environment primarily for administrative and managerial workers. These workers usually occupy set areas within the office building, and usually are provided with desks, PCs and other equipment they may need within these areas.


  • This class AAA skyscraper was designed in cooperation with accomplished American architects who created the world’s famous Sears Tower and John Hancock Building in Chicago.
  • The 194 m tall 40-storey tower with glass facade in accompanied by a 10-storey retail and services building.
  • The complex comprises of over 100 000 m² of floor space, hosting office and retail areas, numerous cafes, restaurants, service points and convenient underground parking facilities.
  • Mercury’s scope of work included execution design and complete mechanical services.
  • Furthermore, Mercury Engineering Polska, as a General Contractor, has completed tenant fit-outs in the Rondo 1 office block. Works started in February 2006 and finished in December 2008.


  • Mechanical
  • Fit out

Rondo 1 Innovation

  • The project was carried out to the highest standard.
  • This is the first development in Warsaw to offer an AAA class building.
  • RONDO 1 was the first sky-scraper in Europe to receive the LEED Gold certificate in the “Existing Building” category.


“Experience of Mercury’s personnel and prompt mobilization of working crew with no doubt contributed to the timely completion of the project. We consider Mercury as a competent and professional contractor in the modern construction industry.”

Rondo 1 Management.

Warsaw, Poland

€ 23,800,000

  • Phase I – 19 months
  • Phase II – 35 months

  • Data Technologies