Welcome to Mercury!


1. To login into your account for the first time (which can be done on any device), you will need to click on the First Things First link (provided below). This will direct you to the Office 365 login page where you should use your Mercury-provided email address and temp password that you will have received from your line manager/site administrator. If you do not have this information please contact them before proceeding.

2. You will then be required to set your actual password, when doing so you should follow these rules for setting your Mercury password:

Rules for Setting Your Mercury Password:

  • It cannot contain your name, surname, username, children’s name, pets name or year of birth’ (people could have this info on social media or if someone knows you personally, they could guess your password, etc.)
  • It hasn't been used previously
  • It has to be at least 14 characters in length
  • It doesn't include words related to Mercury or its business activities (i.e. name of projects, clients, disciplines, etc)
  • It is not considered compromised and easy to guess (the system check will check to see if a password is commonly used by hackers)
  • It meets complexity requirements by complying with any 3 of 4 conditions below:
    - Uppercase characters (A through Z),
    - Lowercase characters (a through z),
    - Digits (0 through 9),
    - Nonalphanumeric characters (for example, !, $, #, %)
  • Do not use impossible to remember passwords that include a random mix of letters or characters
  • Better to have a very long password with one upper case + number or special character than a short very complex one

How do you come up with a password that meets all these requirements and is still easy to remember?

Well, you can easily do it yourself:
Combine 2 or 3 words appended with a number or special character or use a long-phrase that's easy to remember, starting with one upper case and also appended with a number or special character

Still struggling?  Watch this short 1.5-minute video which talks about the ‘password method

For more advice and information go to: https://mercury1.sharepoint.com/sites/Cybersecurity/SitePages/Passwords.aspx

3. For added security, after you have set your new password, you will be prompted to input your mobile number* to register the account with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Please do not skip this step as it is an integral part of our onboarding process.
(*)Please note this is only used to secure your account and will not be used for any other purpose.

4. Once you have completed these steps, you will be automatically redirected to our First Things First landing page where further instructions will be provided on accessing Mercury resources.

Please click here to begin this process and to access the First Things First section of our Service Now platform

If you encounter any issues, please contact: support@mercuryeng.com