Vision & Values

Our People

Mercury’s success can be attributed to the dedication and flexibility of our staff. This guarantees us an unmatched level of expertise and means we always have the right people for the job at hand. The results are projects completed with exemplary safety records and in accordance with the highest standards. With over 4,000 skilled and professional employees, we deliver results, time after time.

We offer a challenging and varied career path for motivated and enthusiastic people. Our aim is to constantly develop and empower our employees and create an environment where achievement is recognised and success is rewarded.


Mercury 2021:

Mercury Engineering’s Strategic Plan.

Developed through an extensive collaborative and innovative process, Mercury Twenty21 provides an opportunity for the Group to continue to excel and set the standard on both a global and national stage. The vision of our Strategic Plan re-establishes Mercury’s founding mission and sets out the strategic objectives, goals, risks and key success factors that will guide our organisation forward to 2021 and beyond.

We welcome all of our clients and external audience to view our strategy. The full document can be found through this link:



Mercury aspires to be the most successful multidisciplinary engineering contractor in every sector and geographical area in which we operate.



Care for people

We work to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all our people. We seek their input and ideas, giving each other the respect we expect, aware that we each have a significant part to play in developing Mercury.


We work in an environment of total trust where, through straight talking, clear feedback and constant reality checking, we ensure that our goals and activities are based on our ability to deliver what we promise.


We set ourselves the highest professional standards, achieving them through rigorous, disciplined and efficient practices in all our business and work processes.


We have a commitment to being the best at everything we do. We are passionate in our belief that through excellent performance we can guarantee outstanding results for both our clients and the company.


We constantly strive to identify and adopt innovative ideas. We work hard to ensure that we remain flexible and adaptable within a changing environment and we foster high – performance teams to ensure our company’s long-term success.

The Mercury Code of Business Conduct 

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