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Innovation grounded in logic: Our quality approach to OSA delivery

Autor: Cormac Byrne  /  10th Nov, 2022  /  Nachrichten, Design, Quality & Innovation

The quality of our projects means everything to us. Delivering construction solutions that guarantee safety, sustainability, and quality results is what we do best. That’s why we are leading the charge in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), delivering complex end to end projects that are at the cutting edge of our industry.

As part of World Quality Week 2022, we are highlighting our global approach to Offsite Assembly.

Our dedication to quality in construction performance and client care underpins our reputation as a leading European contractor. Key to our success is sustained investment in our people, supply-chain, and the latest technological innovations.

Our Offsite Assembly (OSA) Journey started back in the 1990s as part of our operations within the semi-conductor industry. Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a robust OSA strategy that is used to achieve the absolute highest levels of quality and precision throughout the execution of multi-billion-euro projects across a range of sectors, including semi-conductors, data centres, and in the live environment.

Global Capabilities

With extensive OSA facilities and a robust supply-chain, our large-scale investment and geo-resilient approach allows us to build and retain teams across all our regions, standardising our approach wherever the next project takes us, helping to achieve increased productivity and maintain consistent quality control.

We utilise over 31,000sqm of direct OSA facilities throughout Europe, and an extensive supply-chain of 70+ modular construction partners, lean thinking and quality control resonate throughout our culture.

Over the years we’ve proven that our OSA strategy and LEAN methodologies deliver on safety, quality, and set Mercury apart as a dependable partner to our clients, time and time again.

End-to-End Solutions

True value comes when a project is delivered successfully from end to end. Our investment in people, processes, and technology enables us to manage the whole lifecycle of a project, from design right through to the live environment. It’s about never taking our position for granted so that we continue to lead the charge with our approach, which guarantees high quality results across the board as we continue to forge new paths to innovate and operate at the leading edge of industry.

Global Supply-Chain

We only partner with the best. That way we can guarantee exceptional quality standards across every single element of the construction process. Our global supply-chain partners are strategically located across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, ensuring that we have the best people on the ground, local to our key construction projects.

Digital First Approach

Crucial to our success in delivery and quality control is our digital first approach. Mercury has one of the largest dedicated BIM teams in Europe, with more than 275 people bringing their own wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Quality is everything to us and that’s why we invest heavily in training, equipment, and facilities. In 2021 we became independently certified to International BIM standard ISO 19650 as a Tier 1 Contractor. This was a significant milestone, signalling Mercury as a cut above the rest, and proving that we deliver on what we promise.

With BIM Projects ongoing in 14 countries and team members working remotely across the globe, Mercury has developed standardised solutions that enable us to deliver complex projects to the highest level anywhere in the world.


The Offsite Assembly (OSA) market is redefining our industry and we’re leading the charge. Our expansive OSA strategy and capabilities will ensure our success continues to mount as we step into the future. As a prime contractor with whole life-cycle scope delivering design, build, commission and operations, we constantly evaluate modern construction methods to improve our delivery.

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