Building Services

IAA Air Traffic Control Tower – Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland

Mercury were contracted to carry out the Electrical works for the Air Traffic Visual Control Tower at Dublin Airport for the Irish Aviation Authority. The VCT comprises three separate but integrated building elements namely:

  1. A control cab of 5 stories.
  2. The cab supporting shaft of 18 stories.
  3. A base building of 1 storey above basement plant room. The base building will accommodate staff facilities, electronic systems and mechanical plant space to provide control of the VCT environment.

The overall height of the VCT structure will be 86.9m.
Ancillary elements of the project include the following:

  1. A 37m2 single storey security hut.
  2. A 72 m2 oil tank storage area.
  3. An external car park and associated security features.
  4. Security fencing,
  5. All associated site works, landscaping and services connections.

The gross floor area of the development is approximately 2766m2 gross internal area

  • Dublin,Ireland
  • 12 Months
  • IAA
  • €4,000,000